Fees displayed below are meant as a guide only and, in many cases, the actual fee charged will be less. For a no-obligation personalised conveyancing quotation please contact us.

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Legal Fee

£0 – £100,000£985 +VAT
£100,001 – £200,000£1,035 +VAT
£200,001 – £300,000£1,085 +VAT
£300,001 – £400,000£1,135 +VAT
£400,001 – £500,000£1,235 +VAT
£500,001 – £600,000£1,285 +VAT
£600,001 – £700,000£1,335 +VAT
£700,001 – £800,000£1,385 +VAT
£800,001 – £900,000£1,435 +VAT
£900,001 – £1,000,000£1,485 +VAT
£1,000,001 +£0.001% +VAT
Remortgage£400-£800 +VAT

Additional Purchase Fees

ID Check£40.00 +VAT
Stamp Duty Return Fee£75.00 +VAT
Money Transfer Fee£40.00 +VAT
Leasehold (if applicable)£150.00 +VAT

Third Party Disbursements

Searches£200.00 +VAT (approx.)
Bankruptcy Search (Per Person)£2.00 +VAT
Land Registry Search£3.00 +VAT
Land Registry Fee (Electronic)£330.00 +VAT
Stamp Duty Land TaxSubject to property price, click here for more information

Additional Charges

In certain circumstances, additional fees maybe applicable:

  • Acting for your lender (Mortgage Fee),
  • Using an incentive scheme such as Help to Buy,
  • Receiving a gifted deposit;
  • Selling part of a title only;
  • Requirement for Indemnity Insurance;
  • Drafting of a Declaration of Trust;
  • Sale/Purchase of unregistered land;
  • Dealing with a restriction on title;
  • Dealing with third party solicitors.

For more information, see our article ‘How to Choose the Right Conveyancing Firm and Compare Conveyancing Quotes‘.

All estimates are based on a standard conveyancing transaction. Please note the Search fees may fluctuate depending on individual Local Authority charges. Our estimate of Land Registration fees is given on the basis that we can submit your application to HM Land Registry electronically, if this is not possible due to nature of your transaction then the Land Registry will charge additional fees which we will pass on to you.

Although this is rare, where unforeseen or additional work is required it is charged at an hourly rate. Our hourly rates range from £90 – £275 plus VAT.

For a no obligation personalised conveyancing quotation please contact our Conveyancing team on 0116 402 9000.