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Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking a dependable conveyancing partner for your expanding property portfolio, or a newcomer purchasing your first buy-to-let, our specialised property investment solicitors will provide guidance through the intricate processes involved.

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Legal guidance for your investment property portfolio

At BHW Conveyancing, we understand that as a property investor, it is important that you choose the right conveyancing team to give you the peace of mind you need when making a real estate investment.

Investing in property is a business and you will want the security of a reliable solicitor who can navigate the complexities of property law efficiently and effectively, as well as experience a high-quality and seamless service.

With personalised property solutions, thorough legal guidance, and a passion for protecting your interests, we stand ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Property investment, refinancing and buy-to-let

Whether you’re looking to add properties to your portfolio, dispose of a property, or refinance your existing assets, property investment is a complex area.

As a property investor, the monthly mortgage repayments are crucial to the amount of profits you can potentially gain from your investments. Whether you’re aiming to secure better interest rates, release equity for further investments, or optimise your financial position, BHW’s property lawyers can help with all aspects of your buy-to-let transactions.

Portfolio refinancing

Property portfolio refinancing is a strategic financial manoeuvre that real estate investors often undertake to optimise their investment holdings. This process involves reassessing the financing structure of a portfolio of properties, with the primary goal of improving cash flow, reducing costs, or accessing additional capital. Investors typically refinance their property portfolios to secure better interest rates, extend loan terms, or leverage the accumulated equity in their assets. By doing so, they can unlock additional funds for property acquisition or improvements, thereby enhancing the overall profitability of their investments. Property portfolio refinancing requires a thoughtful and strategic approach, and investors often work closely with financial experts, lenders and solicitors to ensure that the refinancing aligns with their long-term objectives and market conditions. It is a vital tool for maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Buy-to-let mortgages

Your financial advisor will review your property valuations, rental income, and overall financial health. They will assess whether you meet the lender’s criteria for a buy-to-let mortgage. Based on your goals and financial profile, your advisor will identify suitable lenders and mortgage products. It’s important to choose a lender that aligns with your investment strategy, whether it’s a traditional bank, a specialist buy-to-let lender, or another financial institution. Once you’ve secured a suitable finance offer your solicitor will advise on the terms and conditions of your commitment.

Acquisition or disposal of freehold or leasehold properties

The acquisition or disposal of freehold or leasehold properties by investors is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact their real estate portfolio and financial position. When investors seek to acquire properties, they carefully evaluate their investment goals, market conditions, and potential for rental income or capital appreciation. Acquiring freehold properties grants greater control and ownership rights, while leasehold properties typically involve terms and conditions set by the landlord. On the other hand, when investors decide to dispose of properties, they must weigh factors like market timing, potential gains or losses, and legal considerations. Engaging legal professionals with expertise in property transactions is crucial during these processes to navigate complex contracts, negotiate favourable terms, and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Owning property through a limited company

Owning property through a limited company has become an increasingly popular strategy for real estate investors. This approach involves purchasing and holding properties under the umbrella of a registered limited company, rather than in an individual’s name. There are several advantages to this method, including potential tax benefits and limited liability protection. By doing so, investors can potentially reduce their personal tax liability, particularly through corporation tax, and they may also have more flexibility in how they manage and distribute their property income. Additionally, the limited liability structure safeguards personal assets from the financial risks associated with property ownership. However, it’s essential to consult with legal and financial professionals to ensure compliance with all regulations and to determine whether this strategy aligns with specific financial and investment goals. Owning property through a limited company is a decision that can offer financial advantages and peace of mind for investors.

Landlord obligations and tenant disputes

Residential landlords bear a range of essential obligations that revolve around ensuring the welfare and safety of their tenants while maintaining the property in a habitable condition. These obligations encompass providing a secure and well-maintained living environment, promptly addressing necessary repairs and maintenance issues, and adhering to local housing regulations. Additionally, landlords are responsible for managing tenant deposits in compliance with legal requirements, offering proper notice when entering the property, and providing necessary documentation like tenancy agreements. In cases where tenant disputes arise, it is crucial to have experienced legal guidance to navigate the complexities of landlord-tenant law. Legal professionals specialising in this area can help mediate conflicts, provide clarity on tenants’ rights and responsibilities, and ensure that disputes are resolved in a fair and lawful manner, thereby fostering a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship while upholding legal obligations.

Read more about BHW’s tenant dispute services: Tenant Disputes | Property Repossession | BHW Solicitors Leicester

Houses in Multiple Occupations (HMOs)

Houses in Multiple Occupations, commonly known as HMOs, represent a distinctive category within the realm of property rentals. An HMO is a residential property shared by three or more unrelated tenants who each have their individual agreements, typically renting rooms within the same dwelling. HMOs come with unique legal and safety requirements due to the increased number of occupants, including regulations governing fire safety, sanitation, and the property’s overall condition. Landlords of HMOs must adhere to specific licensing and management standards to ensure the well-being and security of their tenants. These properties play a crucial role in providing affordable housing options, especially in urban areas, and are subject to closer scrutiny to guarantee that the rights of tenants are upheld and that the property meets the necessary safety and hygiene standards.

We understand that time is money and a smooth and swift transaction process is something you value as an investor. Our investor clients are given a personal team of conveyancing experts headed by an experienced property lawyer.

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Owning property with a limited company

If you’re exploring property transactions through a limited company structure, we’ve got you covered. Our legal experts specialise in this area, ensuring compliance for your property investments. Sometimes, it makes more economical sense to buy or sell through a limited company or transfer your property from your individual name into your company’s name.

Buying or selling through a limited company is more complex than going through these processes as an individual. As a company director you’ll have specific obligations and our experts will work with your tax and mortgage advisors on your desired solution.

BHW+ premium conveyancing

Discover BHW+, our premium conveyancing service

Looking for something more? BHW Conveyancing’s exclusive BHW+ package takes our leading conveyancing service to the next level. BHW+ gives you an enhanced senior partner-led conveyancing experience, tailored for homeowners and property investors requiring direct access to an experienced specialist conveyancing solicitor who will oversee your entire transaction, and face to face meetings included as standard.

BHW Conveyancing’s BHW+ service level is ideal for high-value or complex property transactions, or where you simply value the advice and guidance of a senior property partner overseeing every key aspect of your transaction.

What is the process for buying an investment property?

The process of purchasing a rental property or investment property can vary in length, depending on whether you are buying with a buy-to-let mortgage or with cash.

Instruct an experienced property solicitor

Your first step as an investor is to find a trusted investment property solicitor who can handle your transaction. You could even search for a reliable conveyancer before you begin your property hunt so that you’re ready as soon as an offer is accepted.

Organise a survey

Many people consider an independent RICs survey to be crucial when purchasing a property. But when you’re investing in property as a means of income, a survey can be even more important, because investing in a risky building could affect your bottom line.

A property investment survey offers a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s state and condition, whether obvious or not, such as structural concerns, drainage complications, or other imperfections. Understanding the faults of a property plays a pivotal role in enabling you to make an educated choice as to whether it is a good investment. A survey isn’t just for awareness but can also serve as leverage during price negotiations, especially in cases where substantial expenses are anticipated.

Get the draft contract pack

Your investment property solicitors will request the draft contract pack from the seller’s solicitors. This will include important information about the sale and property including:

  • The TA6 form: outlines any boundaries, disputes with neighbours or alterations.
  • The TA10 form: gives details of the fittings and fixtures within the property.
  • The TA7 form: is only for leasehold properties and provides information about maintenance responsibilities, costs and rights to buy the freehold.
  • Title documents including the register and plan, conveyances, transfers and lease if the property is leasehold.
Property searches

If you’re getting a buy-to-let mortgage, your lender will ask that property searches be obtained. However, if you’re paying in cash for your investment, searches are not required, but your solicitor may advise that they are completed for your own knowledge.

The property searches will be ordered by your solicitor from the local authority and give important insights into the property and surrounding land such as whether there is any radon in the area, contamination, floods, or mines.

Once the information has come through, your solicitors will put together a search report explaining everything that has been found.

Title report & enquiries

Your solicitors will go through all the information in the contract pack and if they need to ask any follow-up questions (known as “enquiries”), they will do so to clarify any concerns or other details such as planning permission, warranties or certificates. Another vital factor to consider is whether there are any restrictions on renting as this may affect your investment plans. Once they are happy with all the answers, they will put together a title report that will outline all their findings and highlight any final points to consider.

Buy-to-let mortgage report

If you are purchasing your investment property through a buy-to-let mortgage, your lender will send your conveyancing solicitor a special ‘solicitors copy’ of the mortgage offer which they will review and explain the terms and conditions to you.

Contracts are signed and returned

Once you have gone through all the documentation and have all your questions answered, if you are happy, you can proceed to sign the property contracts. Both you and the other party will need to sign the contracts and send them back to your solicitors which will signify that you’re ready to progress to the final stages.

Exchange & Completion

Exchange and completion are the final stages of the investment property purchase process. The exchange of contracts is when everything becomes official and legally binding. It means all the important legal documents have been signed and received by each solicitor. Completion is when you get the keys to your new investment, and the seller’s solicitors have received the money you agreed to pay. Usually, exchange happens before the completion, but sometimes, they can both happen on the same day.

Your conveyancing transaction in the safest hands – and the reviews to back it up

A 5 star review
Overall, I had such a positive experience using BHW as a first time buyer. My property purchase was quite complex and had many delays/ complications. However, Rebecca who dealt with me from the very beginning was fantastic. A very good conveyancer and a credit to the company. She explained everything thoroughly. Always responded to my phone calls and emails. I would say all the team at BHW are highly professional and helpful also including Kim who helped with exchange and completion right at the end. I will use BHW in future sales or purchases. Highly recommend.
Amy Notchell
BHW Residential were fantastic for the sale of my property. Waheeda Alli and her team – Adnan, Elle, Foram and Mariya- were brilliant. They were friendly, approachable, efficient, kept me informed throughout and worked hard to bring my sale to completion in the quick timescale I required. I have no hesitation in recommending them most highly.
Kafi Walker
A massive thanks you to the BHW team in the successful sale of our house, especially to Stephanie Harris, who throughout the whole process has been professional, extremely helpful, dependable and always kept us in the loop!
Lambros Athanatos
The team at BHW especially Lauren & Kimberly were fantastic. The communication was excellent throughout and I felt they did absolutely everything possible to get us across the line as quickly as possible whilst also protecting our interests. I would highly recommend BHW to anyone buying or selling a property.
Chris Penney
My wife and I had the good fortune to have Binita handle our first time home purchase of a new build. BHW came highly recommended and we would gladly recommend them to any prospective home buyer. Binita was always helpful, meticulous and efficient; we absolutely sailed through to exchange and have Binita to thank for it! Thank you Binita for your lightning fast work and answering all of our questions.
Jason Wickham

What to expect from BHW Conveyancing

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your journey, choosing the right conveyancing solicitor is crucial for a successful investment process.

Rest assured, at BHW Conveyancing we have your investment interests at heart. Thorough due diligence is essential for investment properties. We’ll conduct extensive checks on the property’s history, title, and any potential legal issues to minimise risk and protect your asset.

At BHW Conveyancing, we understand that time is money and a smooth and swift transaction process is something you value as an investor. Our investor clients are given a personal team of conveyancing experts headed by an experienced property lawyer. This means that you’ll experience a streamlined and high-quality process with frequent updates on your transaction with support from your team who will know your matter inside and out.

To view BHW’s costs guide visit our pricing page.

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BHW Conveyancing is part of BHW Solicitors Limited, which is one of the leading property law firms in Leicestershire and the wider East Midlands. BHW is a top ranked real estate firm in the East Midlands by the Legal 500, as well as being ranked in the Chambers & Partners legal industry guide.

We hold the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation and have been awarded the Lexcel quality standard by the Law Society. This recognises our impeccable standards of competence, risk management and client care practices.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the property investment purchase process?

The property investment purchase process typically involves several key steps, from the initial property search to the actual acquisition. You should begin by clearly defining your investment goals, budget, and criteria. Once your objectives are clear, start searching for suitable investment properties. You can use real estate agents, online listings, property auctions, or other sources to find potential properties. You should conduct thorough research on each property to assess its potential. Evaluate factors like market conditions, rental income potential, property condition, and any legal issues. If you need to secure finance for your investment you will need to speak to a financial advisor or mortgage broker. You will need to apply for a mortgage or other funding source and it’s essential to understand the financial implications, including interest rates, loan terms, and associated costs. Once you’ve identified a suitable investment property you should submit an offer to purchase the property and negotiate the terms with the seller. Once both parties agree on the terms, you’ll need to engage legal professionals to perform due diligence, including title searches and property enquiries. A property appraisal may be required by the lender to confirm the property’s value. Once all enquiries are satisfied and financing is secured, you will need to sign all necessary legal documents, transfer any funds, and agree a completion day when you will officially take ownership of the property.

Do I need a solicitor to get a buy-to-let mortgage?

The property investment purchase process can vary depending on factors like property type, location, and local regulations. It’s crucial to work with professionals, including real estate agents, lawyers, and financial advisors, to navigate the complexities of property investment and ensure a successful transaction. The legal process of buying an investment property is time-consuming and complex. It is a good idea to get the help of a specialised property investment solicitor to ensure that the process is completed legally and correctly to avoid any problems down the road. When you are spending your well-earned money on investment property, it is important that you are protected and that everything is done properly to save you time and money. 

How much are solicitor fees for buy-to-let?

Solicitors fees for buy-to-let can vary from £800-£3000 depending on the type of property and the solicitor. Usually, your conveyancing solicitor will give you a fixed price on the transaction costs so that you can calculate your investment expenses accurately.

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